Natural Order - Ancient Astronauts

History Channel ancient astronaut series:  Nearly all the ancient religions describe beings coming from the sky ("Gods"), often on vehicles, and giving knowledge to or otherwise helping humans. The Dogon creation story is particularly intriguing.  HAR-1 is mentioned as well.

The HAR-1 gene differs by two base pairs between chickens and chimps, one base pair between chimps and rabbits and one base pair between rabbits and mice.  Human HAR-1 differs from chimps by 18 base pairs. There is no variation of these base pairs among all humans.

HAR-1 is expressed during early fetal neocortex (intelligence, mathematics, language, imagination) development, and correlates with the production of the Reelin protein, which is responsible for the development of neuron interconnections.  The odds against a natural selection or mutation cause for the sudden appearance of the human HAR-1 are 1/782,917,642,535,650,449.  It's not likely viral, so some speculate that it is alien.

I'll buy alien Gods before I'll buy anything supernatural.

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