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Dealing with the Advocates of 2000-Year-Old Technology

Giving God credit for the physics of the universe, and letting physics result in life is not enough to placate religionists, who have throughout history threatened, tortured, murdered or otherwise obstructed scientific discovery that does not comport with Genesis. "God created man in his image," therefore the Earth must be at the center of the solar system, and the solar system must be at the center of the universe.  God not only neglected to inform his flock of the correct nature of the heavens, but also forgot to mention germ theory, fetal development and continental drift.

Perhaps God was not always an elderly man in the clouds directing the behavior of millions of people, or at least punishing the naughty and rewarding the nice, much like Santa Claus, who is also portrayed as an elderly man. (Why always male? Why always elderly?) Unlike God, who can hear or telepathically know the wishes of people, Santa Claus requires the wishes to be written -- how convenient for parents.

Children of Saint Nicolas, you've been had! Your parents lied to you about Santa Claus. What else might be a lie?

Perhaps God evolved, and created man in his image at each stage of evolution. Perhaps God once looked like a male Ardi (Discovery), and later a male Lucy. Why do these males have small canines? The males of other species have large canines with which to intimidate other males in order to secure females for the duration of their menstrual cycle in order to procreate during their periodic estrus or heat. Why do the females of other species normally limit copulation to the periods when they are fertile, and advertise that fact with visual displays, behavioral cues, pheromones or some combination? Why are humans bipedal when quadrupedal motion is more efficient?

It is theorized that the answer to all these questions are females who learned to copulate for food as well as procreation. The smarter females were sustained by males, such that they were more likely to survive pregnancy, and their progeny were more likely to survive until they were able to procreate. Rather than waste energy on canine production and fights with other males, the smarter males brought the most food in order to get the most opportunity to procreate. Little food can be carried in a mouth, so males who used their hands to carry food dominated, and bipedal motion became an advantage rather than a disadvantage, freeing the hands to specialize in making and using tools in order to get more food.

To get smarter, brains got bigger. Large brains would not pass through the birth canal, so births became more premature, making children dependent on parents longer, making a family unit necessary for the projection of genes into the future. Pregnant and nursing females naturally became the gathers of tubers and vegetables while the males became the hunters of fat and protein. Accordingly, female brains specialized in conversation and emotion while male brains specialized in spatial relationships and abstraction.

Male displays of wealth as an indication of the ability to provide food and shelter compete with displays of strength as an indication of the ability to protect the family. After these basic criteria are satisfied, a favorable body order still indicates a male with a complementary immune system. Combining genes with his would result in progeny better able to survive pathogens.

Males can still subconsciously detect the subtle difference between ovulating and non-ovulating females, and will accordingly direct their energies. Competing smart females fool males by applying makeup to make their cheeks and lips appear flush as if they were ovulating.

If the theory is correct, modern humans and their culture are the result of prostitution.

I theorize that eventually a smart female asked, "Why do men control all the property when women gather most of the food and catch fish as well as prepare the food and rear the children?" Lacking a logical retort, a devious male replied, "Because God says so." Gods were invented to explain the unknown until knowledge eliminated their need for that purpose, but Gods were retained and portrayed as male for the purpose of controlling females.

It is no coincidence that the Gods of matriarchies are portrayed as female. It is also no coincidence that the God is elderly. How better for the elderly to command sustenance, shelter and security in the guise of obedience or respect in lieu of value to the family?

Females were the last allowed literacy, because males wanted to be the ones to write and interpret religious texts in order to make males superior to females, while placating females with notions of honor, duty and the glory of childbirth.

Whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish, females of patriarchies, you've been had! Men lied to you about God. Stop lying to your children!

Honor, duty and glory are used in another context: kingdom, state, country and nation. Is there a correlation between God and Country; religion and nation? While religious professionals might keep private the mundane concerns of individuals revealed in confidence or during a confessional, a trend of discontent and sentiment for insurrection would be of interest to a government.

Fear of bad gods or a vengeful good God, and fear of people in other jurisdictions has a certain harmony. It justifies a parasitic class of people to interpret good behavior and pay or conscript protection.

The admonition that good people willingly tithe the church, and pay the taxes of Caesar has a certain harmony. It reduces the cost and risk of extracting wealth, i.e. property (mobile assets like materials and tools, static assets like buildings and land, and the medium of their exchange like money and stocks) from people.

The common theme is sacrifice for others on behalf of a religion, group or nation: collective altruism. It's great for religions and governments, but bad for recipients, according to science.

Religion and government often appear at odds, much like Republicans and Democrats, but the result is always the same. Property or its control is transferred from those who create it to the parasite class. Republicans transfer enough wealth to mercantilists to placate them in exchange for "donations." Democrats transfer enough wealth to NGOs and social groups to placate them in exchange for "donations." Each often does both as do religions and governments. The remainder goes to the parasites.

Individuals are propagandized to identify with a religion, jurisdiction, party, mercantilist, group, cause, brand, hero, gladiator or athletic team, and thereby induced to replace their common humanity with fear and envy -- the tools religion and government use to divide and conquer individuals. Individuals are also thereby induced to engage in unhealthy competition for the benefit of religion and government rather than specialization and trade to please each other in order to provide sustenance, shelter and security for the purpose of life: procreation.

Regardless of form, all religions and governments are ruled by an oligarchy of advisers. They consider people as well as their property to be assets of the parasites. When more assets are needed to maintain or increase the opulent lifestyle or power of the parasites, the oligarchy need only blame a competing religion or government for an attack to elicit a controllable reaction from the hive against the competitor in order to steal assets from the competitor. If the opulence of the parasites relative to the poverty of the hosts engenders envy or animosity from the hosts, the hosts are reminded that they will get their reward in Heaven, the afterlife or their next life.

Regardless of sex, race, religion or nationality, for the last 4,000 years you and your ancestors have been had!

God instituted government?  Funny, I thought it was a bunch on guys who perverted the intent of the Convention to modify the Articles of Confederation.  "Inalienable rights?"  The Deists who dominated the convention were referring to Nature's God, i.e. the natural order of things in which the purpose of life is to procreate, and for humans to procreate they must have life and the liberty to use it to earn property (shelter, sustenance, tools, etc.) to facilitate marriage, birth and child care.  "The Founders" realized that making "property" a right as in Lock's life, liberty and property was a bad idea, so "the pursuit of" property, which was necessary for "happiness" was declared a right.  The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be separated from individuals without destroying their purpose, so they are "unalienable" according to the Declaration of Independence or "inalienable" in the modern vernacular.

Funny why an all-knowing and all-powerful God must rely on men to write its books, and why the self-proclaimed representatives of God always need money, labor or both.  At least politicians are overt about it when they aren't covertly selling themselves.

The danger of believing in superstitions is that believers can be convinced to do anything, including shoot abortion doctors, and strap bombs to themselves.  How many wars have been conducted in the name of God?  How many warriors believed God was on their side?

Religion does no good.  It only creates dependency, and facilitates control.  Religion is merely a competitor of Collectivism.  Collectivists  believe Government can create Heaven on Earth if they vote hard enough.

When you prove Zeus does not exist, I'll use your method to prove God does not exist.

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