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My Brazilian Catholic in-laws warned me when I moved to trash a voodoo idol on a beach, "Don't touch that!  It will bring you bad luck!"  I intended to be careful in case it was tainted with poison or chemicals intended to reinforce the superstition, but relented rather than cause problems with the in-laws.  My wife nearly burned-down the apartment twice with her religious candles.  You know, the one's you pay twice the price for because they have religious art or symbols printed on them.

The jewish lady I was dating got upset when I noticed something in her garden and picked it up.  It was a cameo she had buried along with all her other cameos after a friend told her to burry them in individual graves to avoid bad luck.

Find any four-leaf clovers lately?  Your experience with superstitions or your favoritesuperstitions:

Throwing new born children from a height of 50ft (4th floor) in the belief that it would bring health and prosperity to the childrenl being practices year after year on the belief that would bring health and prosperity to the children -- a 700 year old religious ritual in Sholapure, Maharashtra.

List of superstitions. Silly superstitions.

Tell me of your favorite superstititons?

Religious candles

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