Natural Order - Stupid Genes

Once upon a time there were predators of humans. The smarter or more agile humans survived to procreate. Nature selected for intelligence and speed over brute strength.

Modern weapons reduced the likelihood of predation. Industrialization reduced the need for children on farms to the extent that children became a liability. Smart humans had fewer children. They invested heavily in the ones they had. Their children were taught to cleanup their own mess, keep their promises and resort to violence only in self-defense (libertarian principles).
Then things changed. Without any true adversaries, our bloated government began protecting humans from all manner of natural and artificial threats to their safety. It was a good excuse for even more bloated government. Humans with common sense were taxed and regulated to make the world safe for stupid humans.

Stupid humans were not held responsible for their actions. They could abuse their property, their body and their children, and engage in all manner of risky behavior without suffering the consequences. Government was there to replace their flooded home at the expense of careful humans, deny landlords compensation for damages, deny creditors compensation for losses, and require hospitals to make stupid humans and their children whole at the expense of the frugal humans who paid for their services. There was no need to produce something someone else wanted, and no need to save when they could easily steal from others by way of government. Stupid humans prospered and procreated at the expense of smart humans.

Stupid humans had children for all manner of stupid reasons from proving virility to keeping a man. No consideration was given to the cost and responsibility related to child rearing. There was no need, government would pay for everything, particularly if the father didn't live with the mother. Whether through genetics or poor parenting, stupid humans were enabled to make many more stupid humans than smart humans made smart humans.

If this trend were to continue indefinitely, there will eventually be too few wealth producers to support the wealth consumers. A version of this trend is made painfully obvious by the Social Security Ponzi scheme. There will also be too few smart humans to shepherd the stupid humans. This circumstance is the theme for a movie entitled Idiocracy.

Stupid humans will suddenly find themselves suffering the consequences of their actions and inaction. Those who are unable to care for themselves will die or be killed by the more predatorial of their ilk. The human species will revert to hunter-gathers or perish, unless a core of smart humans survive to reestablish a civil human species as John Galt does in Atlas Shrugged.

The passive eugenics approach is simply to stop forcibly subsidizing stupid genes. It requires the repeal of all welfare and all safety, medical, labor and commerce regulations with a commensurate reduction in income taxes. Then the hazards of life can resume their function of culling stupid genes from the human species.

Of course humans well remain free to voluntarily help other humans. With more of their income available for charity, there will likely be a net increase in charitable giving. Government "charity" is a form of manipulation and exploitation. Governments offer free handouts to manipulate voters. Religious organizations help the poor in exchange for future donations and compliance to their moral code. Individuals offer charity to ease their guilt, obligate the recipient to reciprocate, or behave in a particular way. All such charity is demeaning and destructive of the recipient, and tends to select for the dishonest.

Charitably disposed humans should instead contract to provide tools or favorable loans for tools or services that enable a person to become economically viable in exchange for a return on that investment. Such private charity will select for affable, inquisitive and industrious traits, and de-select for obnoxious, lethargic and violent traits.

Science Ignorance in the USA.

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