Natural Order - Charity

Brain studies have shown that charity causes a structural change in the human brain. Much like giving food to a wild animal domesticates it, repeated charity reinforces a dependency mindset. More is charity expected. It becomes an entitlement.

While some people believe government welfare is necessary to domesticate potentially violent individuals, they fail to realize that welfare is associated with the zoo caretaker, not the spectators who paid an admission fee that pays the caretaker. While welfare recipients may not bite the hand of the bureaucrat or advocate that feeds them, taxpayers are fair game.

The profit motive is far superior to charity or welfare. Seeking mutual gain by capitalizing someone in return for some profit from the labor of that person while using the capital is beneficial to both parties.  Micro-investing creates a person made self-sufficient by profiting from satisfying others. The profits provide sustenance, shelter, security. Their re-investment results in more profit for pleasure and other things that cause another structural change in the brain when acknowledged as the property of the owner.

Collecting contributions at a church or stealing money from taxpayers to bribe another person in the name of charity or welfare is a loss for the "contributor," a gain for the advocate (obedence, votes) and perpetual dependency for the beneficiary.

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